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Project Highlights

The construction limits will cover mile markers 13-21. This project will construct two additional travel lanes in each direction between mile markers 13-21, bringing the total number of lanes from four to eight. Every bridge along this stretch will be replaced with on​es that are higher, longer and wider. The on- and off-ramps will be improved, and some will have roundabouts to improve safety and mobility.

The project also proposes to ​elevate the roadway to enhance resiliency against future flooding. The highway will be constructed on retaining walls for a majority of its length to minimize right-of-way impacts.

I-95 in the vicinity of Lumberton experienced major flood events after Hurricane Matthew in October 2016 and Hurricane Florence in September 2018. B​​oth storms resulted in the partial or complete shutdown of the highway within the project limits until floodwaters receded.

Along with reduced mobility, the loss of the interstate corridor during a storm impedes emergency services and interstate commerce, and hinders military preparedness. The ​project will raise vulnerable sections along I-95, making it more resilient against future flooding.

NCDOT is upgrading I-95 in sections through different projects. Widening the interstate from the Fayetteville Road/Exit 22 and northward to mile marker 37 will be part of this other project​.​

12/15/2020 3:57 PM