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Project Highlights

​​​The project would construct two additional travel lanes in each direction, bringing the total number of lanes from four to eight. The project also proposes to modernize the interchanges at Exits 17, 19, and 20, replace bridges and culverts, and elevate the roadway to enhance resiliency against future flooding. The highway will be constructed on retaining walls for a majority of its length to minimize right-of-way impacts.

I-95 in the vicinity of Lumberton experienced major flood events after Hurricane Matthew in October 2016 and Hurricane Florence in September 2018. Both storms resulted in the partial or complete shutdown of the highway within the project limits until floodwaters receded.

Along with reduced mobility, the loss of the interstate corridor during a storm impedes emergency services and interstate commerce, and hinders military preparedness. The proposed project will raise vulnerable sections along I-95, making it more resilient against future flooding.

9/4/2020 2:57 PM