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I-95 Widening South of Fayetteville

​​​Project Overview

​​Planning and development are underway to widen I-95 to a total of eight travel lanes south of Fayetteville between mile markers 21 and 37 in Robeson County, and to replace several bridges and overpasses and upgrade interchanges within that same stretch of highway. 

The project is intended to reduce congestion, plan for traffic growth, improve safety, enhance regional mobility, and make the infrastructure more resilient against future flooding.

This is one of several long-term projects​ that would upgrade or widen I-95 in North Carolina​.

Project Funding

For planning and budgeting purposes, NCDOT has broken project I-5987 into three sections. 

  • Section A: covers construction between mile makers 21-29. 
  • Section B: covers construction for mile makers 29-37.
  • Section C: funded to widen the highway between mile markers 37 and 40 in Hope Mills, will be built as part of the ongoing Fayetteville Outer Loop project to extend I-295 to I-95 in Robeson County. Visit this page and look for the “Camden Road to I-95” segment to learn more about I-5987C. ​

​Estimated Amount*
​Property acquisition
​$  3,395,000
​Utility relocation​$  800,000
​Construction​$  249,500,000
​Total cost ​$  253,695,000

*Estimated costs subject to change

​Estimated Amount*
​Property acquisition
​$  3,581,000
​Utility relocation​$  2,300,000
​Construction​$  283,000,000
​Total cost​$  288,881,000

*Estimated costs subject to change

8/2/2022 10:56 AM