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Project Highlights

With the exception of the Fayetteville Road/Exit 22, which has been reconstructed into a diverging diamond interchange, every bridge in this 27-mile widening of I-95 must be replaced with bridges that are longer, higher and wider. The on- and offramps will be improved, and some will have roundabouts to improve safety and mobility.

In addition, a higher bridge will be built over the Lumber River, and other parts of I-95 will be raised onto a higher grade to help prevent future flooding. Flood-monitoring technology also will be installed.

The N.C. Department of Transportation will split the work into two design-build contracts, which is an alternative way to complete a project. After a contract is awarded the design will be finalized and the right-of-way acquisition completed before construction begins. 

5/5/2020 9:27 AM