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I-40/77 Interchange Frequently Asked Questions


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  • What is the schedule for the second phase of the I-40/77 Interchange?

    ​Construction is expected to last about four years. In August 2019, the contractor started some work on the project. The I-77 bridge work is expected to begin in September 2019.

  • Why is Signal Hill Drive being realigned?

    ​Signal Hill Drive is being realigned to improve traffic flow at the Signal Hill Drive and East Broad Street intersection.

  • Do Davie Avenue and East Broad Street bridges have to be rebuilt?

    ​Yes, both are being rebuilt as part of this project.

  • Why is a median going in on East Broad Street?

    ​A median improves traffic flow, reduces congestion and increases safety. By restricting some left-turn movements with a median, traffic flow is improved because motorists can no longer stop at any point along a corridor to make a left turn. Rather, there will be designated locations to make left turns (or U-turns).
    Motorists heading west on East Broad Street will make a U-turn at the traffic signal for I-77. Motorists heading east on East Broad Street will use a break in the median to make a left turn. There will be a traffic lane to accommodate motorists making left turns. 

  • Will the Broad Street bridge remain open during construction?

    ​Yes, the Broad Street bridge will remain open during construction. However, traffic will be shifted to one side of the bridge to accommodate construction efforts. This method will enable the team to move faster. It will last approximately one year.

  • Can Beechwood Avenue be closed permanently?

    ​Beechwood Avenue is proposed to remain open at this time. However, it is a City of Statesville street and the decision to change the current design must be initiated and approved by the city.

12/13/2023 10:15 AM