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Project Highlights

​​​​The improvements to the I-40/I-77 interchange​ were divided into two sections by the N.C. Department of Transportation.

Construction of the first section is complete. It involved widening I-40 to three lanes in each direction from Old Mocksville Road to east of N.C. 115, building a diverging diamond interchange​ at I-40/U.S.21, and reconstructing U.S. 21 from south of I-40 at BB&T Bank to north of Glenway Drive.

Other improvements included:

  • Building an I-40 westbound collector-distributor road, which serves to move traffic from local streets to high-capacity roads.
  • Replacing the bridge on Radio Road over I-40.
  • Building a bridge on I-40 over U.S. 21 and Fourth Creek.
  • Building a bridge from Sunset Hill Road to Gaither Road to connect U.S. 21 and Gaither Road, eliminating the two-way ramp at U.S.21/I-40.
  • Building a ramp from westbound I-40 to northbound I-77.
  • Building a ramp from northbound I-77 to eastbound I-40.
  • Building parallel lanes on I-40 West that allows vehicles to access U.S. 21, as well as accessing I-40 from U.S. 21 without disrupting the flow of traffic.
  • Building a ramp fly-under, which is the collector-distributor road, to U.S. 21 (I-77 north to U.S. 21 and I-40 westbound, I-77 South to U.S. 21 & I-40 westbound and I-40 westbound to U.S. 21).
  • Closing I-40 Exit 153 (U.S. 64).
  • Upgrading I-40 Exit 154 (Old Mocksville Road) into a diamond interchange.
  • Building noise walls along I-40.

Construction is underway for the second section, which includes:

  • Constructing a partial turbine interchange at I-40 and I-77.
  • Widening I-40 from Radio Road to Old Mocksville Road.
  • Building collector-distributor lanes on I-40 East for I-77.
  • Widening  I-77 from Jane Sowers Road to Salisbury Road.
  • Widening East Broad Street from Vine Street to Signal Hill Drive (as part of a separate project, STIP U-6039).
  • Replacing bridges on U.S. 64 (Davie Avenue) and Broad Street.
  • Replacing bridges on I-77 over Fourth Creek and I-40.
  • Widening bridges on I-40 over the U.S. 21 collector-distributor loop.
  • Building new bridges on I-40 over an unnamed creek just east of the interchange.​
  • Removing existing bridges on I-40 over closed ramp from U.S. 64.​​

7/14/2022 4:07 PM