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Project Highlights

The N.C. Department of Transportation is evaluating 12 design options – also known as detailed study alternatives – that range 20 to 30 miles in length for the Kinston Bypass project.

Some detailed study alternatives involve upgrading U.S. 70 while others involve building the proposed roadway on new locations.

Each design, however, would accommodate speeds of 70 mph and access to the roadway would be only at interchanges.

The detailed study alternatives can be viewed in a Google Map, which shows property boundaries.

Studies Underway

Studies are underway to identify the environmental impacts of the proposed Kinston Bypass. The outcome of these studies will be summarized in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement, which will be used to select the preferred alternative for the project.

Once NCDOT prepares the Draft Environmental Impact Statement, it will hold a public hearing, which will include a formal presentation and the opportunity for the public to ask questions about the project and submit formal statements or comments.

Nearby Projects

NCDOT is also in the planning and environmental study stage on a separate project to upgrade a 2.8-mile segment of U.S. 70 that would encompass the eastern end of the Kinston Bypass project, just south of La Grange.

7/10/2018 10:18 AM