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Project Highlights

Widening N.C 55 in Harnett and Wake counties would create two travel lanes in each direction, partially by widening the existing route and partially on a newly built route that would bypass downtown. This new location would begin near Oak Grove Church Road and wind around the western side of Angier and tie back into N.C. 55 near Kennebec Church Road. The bypass would avoid impacting businesses on Raleigh Street going through the center of town. 

Together, the improvements would total 11.5 miles when all three segments are constructed.

In addition, the project would improve safety by constructing a raised median that would redirect drivers from the side roads or driveways into going right onto the widened highway. If they desire to go in the opposite direction, after turning right first, they will drive a short distance to a dedicated U-turn lane where they can safely maneuver into the other direction. Extra pavement will be added to safely accommodate the U-turns. This design is known as a reduced conflict intersection​.

As part of the project, some existing intersections with N.C. 55 and adjoining secondary routes will be realigned or made into cul-de-sacs to improve safety and traffic flow on the main corridor.​

7/22/2021 3:51 PM