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Project Highlights

​The proposed Ramsey Street (U.S. 401) project would widen nine miles of Ramsey Street (U.S. 401) from Rowan/Grove streets to just north of Slocomb Road​ in Cumberland County.

Additional improvements are also being considered at these two major Ramsey Street interchanges — I-295 and Martin Luther King Jr. Freeway.  Work under consideration include ramp redesign, turn lane additions and/or bridge construction.

The project is broken up into three segments. Segment A is currently not funded. 

  • Segment A (currently not funded) is from Rowan/Grove Street to Martin Luther King Jr. Freeway.

  • Segment B is from Martin Luther King Jr. Freeway to Country Club Road.

  • Segment C is from Country Club Road to just north of Slocomb Road.

The Ramsey Street (U.S. 401) corridor currently has three southbound lanes, two northbound lanes and an open-center turn lane for most of the section between Martin Luther King Jr. Freeway and Country Club Drive; further north, Ramsey Street (U.S. 401) has a raised median and two travel lanes in each direction.

The purpose of the proposed project was initially driven by traffic congestion concerns.

12/14/2023 11:41 AM