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Project Highlights

Preliminary designs for the proposed work to Russ Avenue include​​ improvements to curbs and gutters, continuous sidewalks, and access for bicycles along the project corridor.

Three different designs are being considered for sections of the corridor:

  • Proposed work for North Main Street to Boundary Street involves building two lanes and improving the safety and accessibility of sidewalks. This section would have a posted speed limited of 20 mph.
  • Proposed work for Boundary Street to Walnut Street involves building three lanes – two southbound and one northbound. Sidewalks, along with shared northbound and southbound bike lanes, would also be included. This section would have a posted speed limit of 20 mph.
  • Proposed work for Walnut Street to Phillips Road involves building four lanes divided by a 17.5-foot median as well as sidewalks and bike lanes. This section would have a posted speed limit of 35 mph.

Environmental Review Process

Any project that proposes to use state funding is subject to North Carolina's State Environmental Policy Act, which requires public agencies to identify a purpose and need for proposed projects and then to evaluate and disclose the potential effects project alternatives might have on the surrounding human and natural environments. It also allows the public opportunities to provide comments on the proposed projects.

10/14/2020 9:50 AM