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Sweeten Creek Road Improvements

​​​​Project Overview

Planning and development are underway to widen a 5.4-mile stretch of Sweeten Creek Road (U.S. 25A) in Asheville from two lanes to a four–lane divided roadway from Hendersonville Road (U.S. 25) to Rock Hill Road.

Sweeten Creek Road is a heavily traveled two–lane commuter corridor that connects South Asheville to downtown and serves as an alternate to Hendersonville Road.

Proposed work would help reduce existing and future traffic congestion and improve traffic flow within the project limits as well as support current and future residential and business development.

This project will be reprioritized for funding in the next State Transportation Improvement Program​. A schedule for right of way, utilities and/or construction has not been finalized at this time. However, preliminary engineering activities (design, planning, environmental studies) needed for project development are underway.​

Project Funding

This project is listed as Project U-2801A in the N.C. Department of Transportation's State Transportation Improvement Program and is funded for $147,120,000 million.

​Estimated Cost*
​$6.7 million
​Property acquisition​$112.1 million
​Construction costs​$76.5 million
​Total cost ​$195.3 million

*Estimated costs subject to change

6/27/2023 10:50 AM