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Project Highlights

​​​​​​Right-of-Way Acquisition

Right-of-way acquisition for the first section of the Hampstead Bypass (R-3300B), from N.C. 210 to north of Hampstead, began in March 2018. Construction is expected to begin in early 2022.​​

Right-of-way acquisition for the second section (R-3300A)​, from N.C. 140, which was referred to as the U.S. 17 Wilmington Bypass on older planning documents, to N.C. 210, began in March 2018.​​ Construction is expected to begin in late 2026.

Alternative​ Selected

In June 2012, the N.C. Department of Transportation selected a design option​​ – referred to a preferred alternative. The alternative was identified by NCDOT, as well as state and federal regulatory and environmental resource agencies, as having the least impact to human and natural environments.

Alternative E-H​ begins in New Hanover County at a proposed interchange with N.C. 140. It extends from N.C. 140 northwest past Sidbury Road into Pender County. The road then turns to the northeast and continues to a proposed interchange with N.C. 210.

From this interchange, the proposed bypass extends northeast and crosses Hoover Road north of South Topsail Elementary School. The project continues northeast behind the Topsail Schools complex and then turns east to tie into existing U.S. 17 near Leeward Lane. The proposed road continues north on existing U.S. 17 to Sloop Point Loop Road.

1/7/2022 9:44 AM