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Express Lanes

Access to the Proposed Express Lanes

U-2509 plans for the following express lane access points: 

  • Eastbound Ingress from, and Westbound Egress to, general purpose lanes near Sharon Amity Road
  • Conference Drive Direct Connector (both directions)
  • Sardis Road North Direct Connector (to/from the west)
  • Express Lane Ingress/Egress at Sam Newell Road
  • Direct Connectors at I-485

Express Lane Connections

The planned express lanes associated with this project will connect with the planned express lanes on Independence Boulevard to the northwest (STIP No. U-6103), the express lanes proposed on I-485 to the south/southwest (STIP No. I-5507) and approximately one mile of general traffic lanes before connecting to the Monroe Expressway to the southeast. This linkage will result in a system of express and toll lanes along Independence Boulevard and I-485 south and east of Charlotte.

​Coordination with Other Projects

U-209B: Just west of the project, Independence Boulevard was recently upgraded to an eight-lane roadway with interchanges at Sharon Amity Road and Idlewild Road, and a grade-separated crossing at Conference Drive. This project also included the construction of one bus lane in each direction in the median of Independence Boulevard. The project was completed in 2018.

U-6103: This project replaces U-5526A, a project that was planned to convert the existing and under-construction bus lanes to express lanes. U-6103 will widen and improve Independence Boulevard from I-277 to Idlewild Road to allow for two-way express lane operations. Planning and design for the project are in progress.

R-3329/R-2559: The Monroe Expressway project, which was completed and opened to the public in 2018, consists of a toll road on new location from U.S. 74 near I-485 in eastern Mecklenburg County to U.S. 74 near the Town of Marshville in Union County. 

I-5507​: Construction started in 2019 to  improve I-485 from I-77 south of Charlotte to U.S. 74 east of Charlotte by adding one express lane in each direction, including other improvements within the corridor.

10/11/2021 11:19 AM