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Addressing & Preventing Potholes


Report a Pothole

N.C. Department of Transportation maintenance crews' first priority is to patch potholes and other road defects that are safety concerns.

To patch a pothole, crews first clean out any pavement, gravel or water in the hole. They then fill it with new asphalt and compact it to roadway level.

Some patches last longer than others.

One reason, for example, is that, asphalt plants are closed in the winter and hot asphalt is not available. This means crews typically use what is called a "cold mix," which does not always adhere to the surrounding pavement as well as hot asphalt does.

How NCDOT Prevents Potholes

NCDOT focuses on a proactive strategy to help prevent potholes.

During the warmer months, for example, maintenance crews apply a thin overlay of asphalt to roads to keep them in good condition in cooler months. During the winter, crews seal existing cracks to keep out water.

These measures are cost effective, because they help prevent problems that lead to more expensive repairs in the future.

8/16/2018 12:08 PM