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Work Zone Towing

This highway work zones can be dangerous to drivers.
y Tow Vehicles From a Work Zone?

Wrecked, abandoned or disabled vehicles in a highway work zone can be dangerous. To keep drivers safe and traffic moving, the N.C. Department of Transportation quickly tows vehicles from major construction projects.

How It Works

During construction, tow trucks are staged in the work zone, as well as any key alternate route. They are typically ready to respond within 20 minutes. These kind of contracts are currently being used for the widening of I-95 north of Fayetteville and I-26 near Asheville.​​

Tow trucks can be summoned by law enforcement, NCDOT personnel,​​​ or the department’s NCDOT Safety Patrol. If your vehicle breaks down on the inters​tate, dial *HP for assistance.


There is no charge to the owner to simply tow a vehicle to a nearby, safe location. 

The vehicle owner, however, will be charged in these situations:

  • ​Tow away and storage
  • Tow away to a repair shop
  • Clean up spilled debris
  • Perform on-site repairs​​​

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Who pays for the cost of towing?

    ​NCDOT pays the costs to have towers staged around the work zone, as well as the cost for towing a vehicle to a nearby, safe location. 

    Additionally, the towers can bill the customers for other services. ​

  • Why are these routes chosen for this towing contract?

    ​I-26 and I-95 are critical interstate highways and hurricane evacuation routes. Keeping highways open and running smoothly while under construction is important.

  • What if my vehicle was towed on an interstate not covered by this kind of contract?

    ​Typically, the N.C. Highway Patrol or a municipal police department will have disabled or abandoned vehicles removed from the interstate. Drivers should check with the municipal police department to retrieve the vehicle – or go to this N.C. Department of Public Safety website​, if the State Highway Patrol had the vehicle towed.

  • Am I required to use the contract tower?

    ​No, you are not required to use one. However, if a contract tower arrives on the scene before you call your own tower, the contract tower may be used to move your vehicle to a nearby safe location at no charge to you.


5/11/2022 7:51 AM