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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Is an NCDOT Safety Patrol driver a law enforcement officer?

    No. The driver is an employee of the N.C. Department of Transportation who assists stranded motorists and might be called to assist law enforcement officers at the scene of a traffic matter.

  • How do I know that the person assisting me is a real NCDOT Safety Patrol driver?

    NCDOT Safety Patrol, sponsored by GEICO, drivers wear uniforms that identify themselves as NCDOT employees. The driver will show identification upon request.

  • How can I contact NCDOT Safety Patrol if I get stranded?
    If you are stranded in an area covered by NCDOT Safety Patrol, sponsored by GEICO, dial *HP from your mobile phone for assistance.
  • I was stranded, and a NCDOT Safety Patrol driver didn't stop to help. Why?

    NCDOT Safety Patrol, sponsored by GEICO, drivers might not be able to stop for a stranded motorist if they are called to a critical incident, such as a car crash. If you need help, call *HP from your mobile phone.

  • An NCDOT Safety Patrol driver used the push bumper to move my vehicle and damaged it. Can I get restitution?

    Under North Carolina's Quick Clearance Law​, NCDOT is not responsible for damage to personal property in the course of moving a vehicle or other property to avoid a hazard.​

  • I received assistance from the NCDOT Safety Patrol sponsored by GEICO. How can I submit feedback and thank the patrol driver?

    ​Vis​​​it​ or share your story on social media using #GEICOSafetyPatrol. For questions or concerns, contact NCDOT.

5/11/2022 7:57 AM