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Summer Storms


During the summer months, N.C. Department of Transportation highway crews throughout North Carolina routinely check equipment in preparation for the rapidly changing weather – from torrential rain and sudden winds to tropical storms and hurricanes – and are ready to mobilize at any time when a storm threatens the state.

For the people of North Carolina, planning is essential for weathering a storm and the potential after-effects that come with it.

Travel Resources

Frequently asked questionsAnswers to common questions that arise before, during and after major storms​
Coastal routes map ​Major westbound corridors from the North Carolina coast that can accommodate heavy traffic volumes
Safe-driving guidelines ​Safety information related to driving in severe weather and other conditions​NCDOT’s traveler information management system, which provides real-time information on events affecting travel across the state
​511 information line​North Carolina's toll-free travel information line, which provides the latest on current travel conditions, including major closures and wrecks, on interstate, state and U.S. routes
Motorist assistance​In certain areas of North Carolina, free traveler assistance, including changing flat tires, providing gasoline and jump-starting batteries
Ferry services​Ferry schedules and routes
​​A comprehensive resource for emergency preparedness, weather conditions, evacuations and other emergency management information
​Travel emergencies​*HP on a mobile phone for help from N.C. State Highway Patrol for help

4/1/2019 8:53 AM