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Value Management Office

​​​​​​The N.C. Department of Transportation's Value Management Office ensures the department responsibly and efficiently uses resources and funding when building and improving North Carolina's transportation system. 

Value Management brings innovation to NCDOT by sharing ideas and knowledge. The office oversees five programs that are focused on enhancing project delivery at every phase of a project’s life.

​​Value Engineering Program​

​The Value Engineering Program assembles and leads multi-disciplinary teams that find ways to add value to projects — with the help of the Federal Highway Administration’s Value Analysis — while they are in development. These teams typically can identify ways to save money, reduce the time it takes to complete a project, and minimize construction impacts on the environment. This program is dedicated to upholding NCDOT’s commitment to design, construct and maintain the state highway system in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Risk Assessment Program

Risk Assessments (RAs) have been performed as part of NCDOT day-to-day business for years. The Value Management Office is striving to formalize internal procedures to incorporate the RA process, when applicable, into the existing Value Engineering Program or to conduct an RA as a stand-alone process. Assessments can be done on projects, programs, new legislature requirements, etc.

Constructability Review Program

The primary purpose of the Constructability Review Program (CRP) is to gather a diverse team of experienced engineers and construction contractors to identify, examine, and resolve challenges before a project is let for construction. The discussion and recommendations developed during constructability reviews are primarily focused on ensuring that the project’s design is constructible. Examples of potential issues are utility locations, bridge construction, phasing, hydraulic conflicts, urban areas, etc.  Constructability reviews can include external stakeholders, such as municipalities.

Value Engineering Change Proposals

The purpose of the Value Engineering Proposal Program (VEPP) is to encourage contractors to develop Value Engineering ideas by utilizing their design and construction ingenuity, experience, and background. A Value Engineering Change Proposal (VEP) is a post-let proposal made by the construction contractor that includes any changes to work that might potentially result in cost or time savings, without impairing essential functions and  characteristics of the project such as service life, safety, reliability, economy of operation, ease of maintenance, desired aesthetics, design, standardized features, and environmental.

CLEAR Program​

The CLEAR Program stands for Communicate Lessons, Exchange Advice, Record. This program collects Lessons Learned and Best Management Practices from Department personnel and shares the information with others. These lessons and best practices are submitted by employees and should be considered for future projects, process or guideline improvements. Submissions should look to promote or reinforce positive outcomes, and reduce or eliminate the potential for mishaps and failures.​
To learn more about the Value Management Office, visit Connect​, NCDOT's resource site for business, professional and working partners.​

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