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Military Transitions


NCDOT was selected by Viqtory Inc. to be a top 10 military friendly employer for 2022. The company helps people leaving the armed forces find civilian careers. About 6 percent of the NCDOT workforce is a veteran.

​​The N.C. Department of Transportation values those who serve and have served in the military and employs hundreds of veterans in various positions.

Like other state departments, NCDOT, in accordance with merit-based hiring guidelines, gives preference to qualified veterans applying for jobs. NCDOT also consults veterans on filling out job applications and recruits through job fairs and visits to military bases.

By breaking down military responsibilities, the Department also helps match veterans with civilian positions that are similar to their military roles.

Example of crossover positions include:

  • Financial management technician to accounting clerk IV
  • Information technology specialist to technology support technician
  • Human resources specialist to administrative assistant I
  • Engineer officer to engineer technician

For more information about making the transition from the military, contact NCDOT's Human Resources Talent Management section.

11/15/2021 11:58 AM