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Internship Programs


In cooperation with the Education Initiatives Program, the N.C. Department of Transportation's Talent Management Office has developed several college programs and internships for undergraduates and graduates interested in careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (also referred to as STEM) as well as other areas in the transportation industry.

The NCDOT Internship Network's goal is to attract and retain qualified employees to meet the transportation needs of North Carolina.

Students seeking associate, bachelor's and master's degrees receive comprehensive, hands-on experience throughout NCDOT, including the Division of Highways, Division of Motor Vehicles, Division of Public Transportation and communications office.

Cooperative Education Program
A career-oriented, professional-level program for short-term training in civil engineering with the primary purpose to integrate classroom and practical experience.
​​​U.S. Navy STEM Grant Opportunity​
​An opportunity to submit a grant proposal to fund STEM educational programs, especially those related to naval research. Grants range from $50,000-600,000. 
HBCU/MSI Internship Program
A summer internship designed to provide hands-on, real-world experience to any student attending a historically black college or university or a minority institution of higher education.
Public Transportation Internship/Apprenticeship Program​A program that exposes participants to all aspects of a transit system and allows them to gain experience in managing public transportation operations, help them better assess public transportation careers, and compete for jobs.
Student Volunteer Program A program that gives students considering transportation careers the opportunity to explore fields they are interested in and gain exposure to new areas.
Summer Intern Program A paid summer internship for students studying civil, environmental or biological engineering, giving them valuable experience that counts toward eligibility for permanent employment with NCDOT.
Transportation Engineering Associates Program An 18-month training and career development program designed so that participants accomplish three major goals for entry-level civil, environmental or biological engineers.


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