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Motor Vehicles Professionals Program (MVP)


​​​The Motor Vehicles Professionals Program, or MVP, at the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles is a career development and training program for recent college graduates.

This 18-month program is designed specifically to an individual’s area of interest as well as the needs of NCDMV. Program participants will gain valuable hands-on experience and will regularly interact with NCDMV leaders​hip.

Diversity and inclusion are vital components of NCDOT’s future, and qualified individuals from diverse academic and cultural backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

This program provides participants with: 

  • Full-time, paid assignments: College graduates will explore new career opportunities and experiences. Career tracks include rotational exploration and professional development.
  • Formal training: While most of the training will occur on-the-job, there will also be structured sessions that will take place in a classroom setting with subject matter experts. Additional modules will be completed via an online learning platform.

  • Mentoring: Program participants will be assigned a mentor during the first month of training. This mentor will assist in professional and personal development by focusing on organizational culture, diversity, leadership, interpersonal skills and work/life balance.
  • Position matching: NCDMV will assign participants with a specific position within the division that matches their career interests. Career tracks include: law enforcement, business administration, customer service and legislative relations.​

How to Apply

More information on how to apply for MVP​ will be posted soon. ​​

9/1/2023 4:34 PM