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Youth Programs

‚ÄčThe N.C. Department of Transportation has several programs to reach students of all ages across North Carolina to help bring greater awareness to careers in transportation.

Career Exploration Program

Through NCDOT's Career Exploration Program high school students can job-shadow NCDOT staff in fields such as construction, aviation, rail, bike and pedestrian and communications.

Construction Career Days

Construction Career Days encourage students to think about careers in fields related to science, technology, engineering and math (also referred to as STEM) and to understand the different careers and pathways within these areas.

National Summer Transportation Institute Program

The National Summer Transportation Institute Program introduces secondary school students to careers in all modes of transportation, provides academic activities and encourages students to pursue transportation-related courses at the college and university levels. Students typically spend 2-4 weeks on some of the most prominent college campuses in the United States.

Model Bridge-Building Competition

NCDOT's Model Bridge Building Competition tests middle- and high-school student's skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, brainstorming and design while building a model truss bridge.

Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day provides opportunities for young women to participate in hands-on engineering activities related to transportation and to meet and talk to female engineers who work at NCDOT.

6/10/2019 11:11 AM