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Developing the Plan

​The NCDOT Public Transportation Division developed the Strategic Plan over a two-year period with help from health-care providers, local leaders and the state’s 100 urban and rural transit agencies. Many of the routes proposed in the Connected Statewide Network were suggested by citizens who took part in community workshops across the state.

Developing the plan involved:

  • A comprehensive outreach and engagement effort
  • An analysis of the statewide public transportation needs and gaps in service
  • Recommendations to meet the needs and close the gaps
  • A roadmap to achieve the vision
  • Short-term and long-range recommendations to improve North Carolinians' access to opportunities

The Strategic Plan was unveiled in March 2018 at a summit meeting attended by more than 300 local officials, transit operators and citizens.

A final report will be released in mid-2018. It will include an action plan and implementation recommendations for three strategies and fifteen tactics. It will also include a financial plan to strengthen North Carolina’s transit services and supporting infrastructure.

Development Timeline

Data collection and analysisSpring/summer 2017
Community meetingsMay-October 2017
Development and presentation of recommendationsFall/winter 2017
Development of draft and final plansWinter 2018
Strategic Plan SummitMarch 21, 2018

*Future dates are subject to change

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