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Let's Go Walking!

Getting Started


This video covers the topics in the Let's Go Walking! lesson plans and skill-building activities, the materials to teach these concepts, and how the videos visually reinforce key messages. It also offers useful tips to consider before teaching Let's Go Walking!


All lessons include a discussion and demonstration of core concepts, a skill-building activity, and a video to accompany the review. The lessons build on each other, so should be taught in order. To view a lesson plan or corresponding video, select it from the chart.​

​Lesson Concept
​Grades K-1
​Grades 2-3
Grades 4-5​Video
​Walking Safely Near Traffic
​Lesson 1
​Lesson 1
Lesson 1 ​K-5 Video Lesson
​Crossing Streets Safely
Lesson 2 Lesson 2
Lesson 2​K-5 Video Lesson
​Crossing Intersections Safely
​Lesson 3
Lesson 3Lesson 3K-5 Video Lesson
​School Bus Safety
Lesson 4
Lesson 4Lesson 4K-5 Video Lesson
​Parking Lot Safety
​Lesson 5
Lesson 5Lesson 5K-5 Video Lesson

11/16/2022 9:07 AM