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Commercial Driver License Waivers

​The Medical Review Program grants waivers to commercial drivers with certain medical conditions who can safely operate a commercial motor vehicle if their condition is stable and monitored regularly.

Intrastate commercial drivers - those who travel only in North Carolina - are eligible to apply for one waiver: Limb waiver​

The Medical Review Unit grants waivers up to but no more than two years to drivers who would otherwise qualify for a N.C. Department of Transportation medical certificate and have completed a NCDOT physical examination within the last year.

Upon approval, drivers will receive a letter that sets forth the terms, conditions and limitations of the waiver. Drivers must have the waiver in their possession while operating a commercial motor vehicle.

Interstate commercial drivers are not eligible to apply and should contact the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regarding its exemption program.

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3/22/2024 10:33 AM

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