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Project Highlights

​​​The proposed Poplar Tent Road project by the N.C. Department of Transportation would have four lanes – two lanes in each direction – with curb and gutter, a 23- to 30-foot-wide raised median, turn lanes and pedestrian and bicycle accommodations.

Synchronized Street Corridor

Two designs, referred to as alternatives, under consideration would change Poplar Tent Road to a Synchronized Street corridor.

  • Alternative 1 would widen the road on its existing location
  • Alternative 2 would include widening the road on a new location in some areas

A synchronized street would allow drivers on Poplar Tent Road to turn left, right or travel straight through – just like a conventional intersection. Drivers coming from side streets off Poplar Tent Road who want to cross or turn left must first turn right and then make a U-turn to return to their desired route.

2/18/2022 7:33 AM