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Initiatives & Programs

Office of HBCU Outreach

​​The Office of HBCU Outreach provides opportunities and pathways for universities to grow and sustain through solutions for the transportation industry and preparation of students for careers in the transportation sector.

The Office of HBCU Outreach has several core programs and functions as outlined below:

  • HBCU/MSI Fellows Program
  • HBCU/MSI ​Internships
  • National Transportation Summer Institute
  • SummerSTEM
  • HBCU/MSI Transportation Scholarship Program
  • HBCU/MSI Research Consortium

For more information about any of the programs listed below, please contact the Office of HBCU Outreach.

HBCU/MSI Fellows Program

The HBCU/MSI Fellows Program​ offers work experience and learning opportunities for recent graduates (within one to three years of graduation) with a bachelor’s or master’s degree from an HBCU/MSI in North Carolina.

Fellows serve a two-year commitment within a selected business unit of the N.C. Department of Transportation. During that time, they participate in professional development opportunities; free training and certification, travel, and opportunities to build a network of transportation professionals.

HBCU/MSI Internship Programs

NCDOT offers internships designed to provide students attending HBCUs/MSIs with hands-on, real-world experience, knowledge and expertise that they can use to apply for future positions at NCDOT or elsewhere.

The programs also expose students to the inner workings of statewide projects and initiatives throughout NCDOT’s 14 highway divisions and various other departments.

National Summer Transportation Institute

A key component among the Federal Highway Administration’s educational initiatives, the National Summer Transportation Institute (NSTI) is a two- to four-week STEM program aimed at exposing students in middle and high schools – particularly minority, female and disadvantaged youth – to transportation careers and encouraging them to consider transportation-related courses of study in the areas of science, technology and math.

Learn more about the student experience in the National Transportation Summer Institute by watching this video​ provided by Johnson C. Smith University.

​HBCU/MSI Transportation Scholarship Program

HBCU/MSI Transportation Scholarship Program aims to attract, expand and diversify and retain top talent in the transportation industry. The North Carolina HBCU/MSI Transportation Scholarship Program​ provides financial assistance to help cover the cost of college for highly motivated students at HBCUs/MSIs in North Carolina pursuing their undergraduate and master’s degrees in transportation-related fields.

SummerSTEM Program

SummerSTEM is an eight-day professional development program held during the summer that gives educators hands-on experiences to bring real-world lessons to the classroom. The program is a collaboration between WakeEd Partnership, the Wake County Public School System and numerous STEM businesses and organizations in North Carolina.​​​

HBCU/MSI Research Consortium

Composed of representatives from accredited HBCUs/MSIs in North Carolina, the HBCU/MSI Research Consortium’s purpose is to increase future collaboration and partnership between NCDOT’s Research and Development Office and the HBCUs/MSIs.

The consortium’s objectives include:

  • Building capacity of transportation research at all HBCUs/MSIs in North Carolina
  • Leveraging North Carolina’s HBCU assets as community anchors and conveners
  • Expanding and growing robust innovative research that is beneficial to NCDOT


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