UAS Operator Permit

A permit is not required for recreational operators.

We encourage you to take the UAS Knowledge Test and familiarize yourself with all North Carolina UAS rules & regulations.

FAA UAS Registration

Recreational operators are required to register their UAS/drone with the Federal Aviation Administration.

What is a Recreational Operator?

Anyone who uses UAS/drone technology solely for the purpose of recreation.

Guidelines for Recreational Users

Recreational UAS/drone operators are not required to obtain a license or permit from the Division of Aviation. The FAA, however, has set guidelines for safe and responsible operation:

  • Always fly below an altitude of 400 feet, and fly within your direct line of sight.
  • Do not fly within 5 miles of an airport, near stadiums or other public events.
  • Do not fly for compensation.
  • Do not fly at night.
  • Do not fly a UAS/drone that weighs more than 55 pounds.

Additional Operator Types