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Aviation Business Development

The N.C. Department of Transportation Division of Aviation’s Aviation Business Development Program works to expand North Carolina’s aviation economy, in collaboration with the N.C. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina​, airports and partners in economic and workforce development, education and industry.

The program supports aviation business recruitment with expertise, technical assistance and grants. It helps build the aviation workforce​ with programs that train talent and encourage young people to explore aviation careers.

From the Wright Brothers’ first flight at Kitty Hawk to nation-leading breakthroughs in unmanned aviation, North Carolina’s aviation legacy provides fertile ground for aviation industries to thrive along with the communities that host them.

North Carolina’s system of 72 public use airports supports nearly every industry sector and contribute more than $61 billion and 373,000 jobs​ to the state’s economy each year. While more than 450 aviation companies contribute thousands of high-paying jobs throughout the state.


4/21/2022 1:19 PM