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Doing Business

​Information about the financial aid and grants administered by the Division of Aviation as well as maintenance contracts and other state programs is available on Connect NCDOT, the N.C. Department of Transportation's website for business partners.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems Program 

​The Unmanned Aircraft Systems Program contracts with NCDOT-prequalified companies for drones services to support NCDOT and state agency operation. 

​​Go to Connect NCDOT​

​State Airport Aid & State Block Grant Program

The N.C. Department of Transportation provides state aid in the forms of loans and grants to cities, counties and public airport authorities for the purpose of planning, acquiring, constructing, or improving municipal, county and other publicly owned or controlled airport facilities.  

The Division of Aviation also administers the Federal Aviation Administration's Block Grant program.

North Carolina Maintenance Contracts

The Division of Aviation maintains multiple contracts involving airfield maintenance, testing activities and on-call professional services.

Airport Pavement Management System

The Division of Aviation's Airport Pavement Management System is a central location to help state agencies, municipalities, authorities and airport managers make date-driven decisions about construction, maintenance and funding.

12/17/2021 11:29 AM