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Sections & Units

The Division of Aviation is made up of several sections and units that support North Carolina's transportation system and promote education and safety awareness in the state.

State Aircraft Services

The Division of Aviation operates and maintains the N.C. Department of Transportation's two twin-engine aircraft, which provide a range of services, including:

  • Aerial photography and spatial information products for transportation projects
  • Transporting government officials on state business
  • Assisting government agencies with statewide emergency response

Unmanned Aircraft Systems Program Office

The Unmanned Aircraft Systems Program Office is responsible for implementing testing and permitting systems for the public to safely and legally operated drones and unmanned aircraft systems in North Carolina.

Safety & Education Support

The Division of Aviation's Safety and Education Section works with the Federal Aviation Administration, state and federal governments, aviation industry representatives, volunteer groups and other organizations to create and promote safety and educational opportunities for pilots, aviation workers and others.

The division sponsors events and programs that include:

  • Pilot education events
  • Aircraft maintenance technician, inspection authorization education and license renewal programs
  • General public and youth aviation education programs

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