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Administrative Services

​​From the oversight of the administration of construction projects to ensuring the N.C. Department of Transportation responsibly and efficiently uses its resources, the Division of Highways' Administrative Services section supports the administrative aspects of the N.C. Department of Transportation's work to build and maintain roads across the state.

Operations Program Management

As part of the Chief Engineer's Office, the Operations Program Management Unit provides administrative and technical support to the N.C. Board of Transportation, which sets statewide policies and procedures and distributes funding for:

  • Secondary road paving
  • Access and public service roads
  • Small construction
  • Statewide contingency
  • Economic development

In addition, the unit verifies that projects comply with legislative laws and policies that the Board of Transportation and N.C. Department of Transportation have established.

The unit also ensures that funding is available to support the projects.


The Construction Unit oversees the administration of all construction projects by contractors and provides support and technical assistance to the 14 highway divisions to ensure that the N.C. Department of Transportation's construction program is administered appropriately and uniformly across the state.

The unit also serves as a consultant to other NCDOT units, branches and industry partners on all matters related to construction.

Materials & Tests

The Materials & Tests Unit establishes criteria for the materials and manufactured products that the department uses to maintain and build roads and bridges. 

In addition, the unit inspects manufactured products and materials to ensure that they meet set criteria and work as intended.

Facilities Management

The Facilities Management Unit oversees the design and construction as well as the maintenance, repairs and renovation of buildings that the N.​​C. Department of Transportation owns.

It also coordinates the department's land acquisitions, sales and leases and oversees both NCDOT's Energy and Water Conservation Program and the Utility Savings Initiative.

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