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Technical Services


Aerial view of the Basnight Bridge at the Outer Banks

Join the Team!

Interested in becoming a part of NCDOT? Technical Services, along with other units and divisions in the department, are looking to fill vacant positions. 

The N.C. Department of Transportation’s Technical Services section supports project delivery at every phase – from concept through construction – for all modes of travel administered and overseen by the Department. 

Services provided include, aerial photography, mapping, environmental services, water resources, foundation exploration, design functions, utility coordination, project management and consultant procurement.   

Technical Services, which is a part of NCDOT’s Division of Highways, consists of 10 units:

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  • Environmental Analysis Unit

    ​The Environmental Analysis Unit​ is a one-stop shop for supporting development of sustainable transportation infrastructure that minimizes impacts on the human and natural environment. 

  • Environmental Policy Unit

    ​The Environmental Policy Unit​ ensures transportation projects comply with all state and federal environments policies and regulations. 

  • Geotechnical Engineering Unit

    ​The Geotechnical Engineering Unit​ provides scoping, planning, design, technical expertise and management services related to soil, rock, slopes and foundations for roadway and structure projects.

  • Hydraulics Unit

    ​The Hydraulics Unit​ provides technical expertise, guidance, design and quality assurance to manage stormwater, riverine and coastal impacts in and around roadways for the protection of the public, the environment, and NCDOT assets. 

  • Location & Surveys Unit

    ​The Location & Surveys Unit​ provides land-based surveys, engineering and geometric data analysis that is used to map and design projects for NCDOT units as w​ell as other state agencies that lead and support land acquisition, infrastructure design and construction.   

  • Photogrammetry Unit

    ​The Photogrammetry Unit​ acquires aerial imagery and generates geospatial information products used for transportation planning, design and construction for NCDOT projects and for other state agencies. 

  • Professional Services Management Unit

    ​The Professional Services Management Unit​ manages procurement of all professional and specialty consultant talent that supports divisions, units and travel modes of NCDOT, at all levels and phases of the project.​​

  • Project Management Unit

    ​The Project Management Unit​ provides knowledgeable and skilled project managers who support Division project delivery for transportation projects across the state with highly customized services, from scheduling and budgeting to quality and risk.


  • ​​Roadwa​y Design Unit

    The Roadway Design Unit​ develops roadway design plans as well as offers roadway design guidance, support and plan development at every stage of project delivery. ​​


  • Utilities Unit

    ​​​The Utilities Unit​ serves as the NCDOT’s experts on utilities, supporting both central and field-based staff for utility-related needs. 


3/2/2023 4:50 PM