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  • I’m new resident to North Carolina. Which selection do I make?

    ​Choose Driver License – First Time.​

  • Which option should I choose for a CDL written test?

    ​Knowledge/Computer Test, Driver License Renewal, or Permits—whichever you think will best serve your need.

    In any case, if you select an incorrect service, this can be corrected and re-routed at your appointment visit.​

  • How do I schedule a CDL skills test online?

    ​Online appointments for CDL road tests are not offered. To make an appointment for a CDL road test only, please call 919-715-7000.

  • I want to get a CDL permit. What do I select?

    ​Choose Permits. ​

  • If I’m going to get an N.C. REAL ID, what selection should I make?

    ​Choose Driver License – First Time, Driver License Duplicate, Driver License Renewal, or ID Card—whichever best serves your current license status.  ​

  • My teenager kept their Level 2 until they turned 18. What selection should I make for them to get their full provisional license?

    ​Choose Driver License – First Time​.

  • Can I check for appointments by date rather than office?

    ​You must first select a location to advance to the date selection option.

  • What option do I use for a motorcycle permit?

    ​Permits or Knowledge/Computer Test​.

  • I think I made the wrong appointment type selection. What do I do? Will my appointment still be honored?

    ​Yes, you may correct the appointment type upon office check-in.​

  • Which option do I use for my teen driver?

    ​Choose Teen Level 1, 2 or 3.

  • What option should my child use moving from a teen provisional to a Class C license?

    ​Choose Driver License – First Time

  • Why can't I look up my appointment by my email address?

    ​Currently, this feature is not offered. Appointments can only be looked up using the telephone number you made the appointment with. ​

  • How do I find, cancel or reschedule my appointment?

    ​Go to the Online Appointment Scheduler​ and click on Find, Cancel or Reschedule. You will need the telephone number you entered at the time you made the appointment. ​

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