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Driver License Office Appointments

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Please note: If you do not find an available appointment, please continue to check back as new available appointments are added each day. Please click the "Make an Appointment" link below to make your appointment. Fictitious appointment entries are strongly discouraged and will be immediately cancelled by DMV upon discovery.​

Before You Begin

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure what selection to choose for your appointment? Check out these frequently asked questions

If you are interested in getting a N.C. REAL ID enhancement for your North Carolina license or ID card, on the appointment scheduler, you will need to select one of the following choices:

  • Driver License – First time (you will be getting N.C. license for the first time)
  • Driver License Duplicate (you will be replacing your license)
  • ​Driver License Renewal (you will be renewing your license)
  • ID Card 

Please prepare before you go: When you arrive for yo​ur appointment, you will need to have all acceptable documents​ on-hand to get your N.C. REAL ID.

CDL Road Tests & Language Services​​

Those seeking a commercial driver license road test must call 919-715-7000 to make an appointment.​ These appointments cannot be made online at this time. 

Those requiring an ASL or language interpreter can request this service online​ or call​ 919-715-7000.​​

Ready to Schedule an Office Appointment?

Please Note: Driver license offices accepting appointments continues to fluctuate, click on the “Make an Appointment” link at the bottom of the page to see available locations. If the office you want is not listed on the appointment scheduler, please check back later as the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles is adding more offices as quickly as possible.​​

To find, cancel or reschedule an appointment, please go to the appointment scheduler​ and click "Find, Cancel or Reschedule."

​​Make an Appointment ​​​

You can make an online appointment for the following services:

2/7/2023 2:29 PM

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