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License & Theft Bureau Complaints

Types of Complaints

The N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles License & Theft Bureau accepts complaints against businesses including auto dealerships, inspection stations, repair shops/garages, metal recyclers (scrap yards), wrecker/towing facilities, and any other company that may be involved in fraudulent or questionable activities.

The bureau also accepts complaints against individuals who might be involved in wrongdoings such as title fraud, curbstoning (sale of vehicles for profit without being licensed as a dealership), odometer fraud, identity theft related to driver licenses, and various other misdeeds.

Complaints against a License & Theft Bureau employee can be filed for suspected unprofessional conduct or improper behavior.

Anonymous Complaints

Although complaints can be filed anonymously, they are not recommended as they are often difficult to investigate. Individuals filing anonymous complaints should provide sufficient information and explicit details to permit a thorough investigation.

Filing a Complaint

To submit a complaint, please visit the NCDMV License & Theft Portal​​.​

Go to the License & Theft Portal

Investigation Process

The License & Theft Bureau will review any complaint against a business or individual and determine the most appropriate action.​ If the complaint is forwarded for investigation, a License & Theft Bureau Inspector will reach out to the complainant within 30 days.

Complaint Against an Employee

The N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles Internal Affairs department evaluates any complaint against an employee and determines how the complaint should be handled. Complainants are notified in writing upon receipt of the complaint and when the investigation is complete​. Neither the License & Theft Bureau nor any of its offices may release the findings or any resulting disciplinary action, in accordance with State of North Carolina personnel laws. ​

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