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Review below descriptions to determine which selection is best for your submission.

Complaint - Select "File a Complaint" if you would like to file a complaint against an individual or a business as it relates to a dealer, garage, inspection station, Ignition Interlock vendor, salvage/scrap yard towing facility or vehicle fraud. This category can also be used to file a complaint against License & Theft personnel.

Service Request - Select "Request a Service" if you would like a member to assist you with starting or modifying a dealership, inspection station or obtaining a vehicle examination.

Employment - Select "Careers" if you are interested in becoming a member of the License & Theft Bureau or requesting our participation in a recruitment event.

Question - Select "Ask a Question" to have a member of the License & Theft Bureau assist you with a question.

Employee Recognition - Select "Recognize an Employee" if you would like to compliment an employee for providing exceptional service.

Law Enforcement - Select "Law Enforcement Agencies Use Only" if you are a member of a law enforcement agency requesting investigative assistance.​

1/5/2021 9:47 AM

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