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Commercial Driver Forms

​When completing forms and documents for a commercial driver license, read and follow the complete set of directions. Identification is required for all services processed in person. 

Commercial Driver Training & Education

Instructor Physical Examination Report (SBTS-602)Required upon initial employment
Personal History of School Owner or Manager (SBTS-601) Must accompany training school application
Proposed Plan of Operation (SBTS-610) Types of courses a training school plans to teach
Register a Business Operating Under an Assumed Name (SBTS-608) Business application
Reimbursement of Commercial Driver License Expenses (605-EXP)Reimbursement of commercial driver license expenses
Surety Bond (SBTS-606)
Training Instructor Application for License (SBTS-612)Training instructor application
Training School Certificate of Deposit (SBTS-607) Memorandum of understanding
Training School License Application (SBTS-600)Training school license application (part 1 of 2)
Training School License Application Questionnaire (SBTS-600A)Training school license application (part 2 of 2)

Employer Drug & Alcohol Testing

Positive Drug Test Report for Current Employee (CDL-8)Employee tested positive
Refusal to Submit to a Federal Drug or Alcohol Test (CDL-9)Employee refused testing
Substance Abuse Professional Verification and Registry FormSAP registration form

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