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Developing & Updating the STIP

​​It takes the N.C. Department of Transportation about two years to develop the State Transportation Improvement Program. The process, as outlined in the table below, is broken into three main phases: strategic prioritization​, programming and scheduling, and review and approval.

​Development Phase
​Strategic prioritization
​NCDOT uses a transparent, data-driven method for prioritizing transportation investment decisions.

Potential improvement projects are submitted to NCDOT to be scored and ranked at the statewide, regional and division levels based on approved criteria such as safety, congestion, benefit-cost and local priorities.

These scores and other factors are used to determine whether a project receives funding.

​Programming and scheduling
​Once all scores and rankings are established, NCDOT uses this information as a primary factor in determining project schedules.

Other considerations and requirements – such as the completion of environmental and engineering plans, spending caps, and federal and state funding restrictions – must also be applied to fully develop and complete the picture before projects are scheduled.
​Draft STIP review and approval

Individual projects that are programmed and scheduled become the Draft State Transportation Improvement Program, which is released to the public for review and comment before final approval by the N.C. Board of Transportation. ​

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