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2019 Disparity Study

​The N.C. Department of Transportation strives to promote equity and fairness in state and federal transportation contracting.

To accomplish this, NCDOT’s Office of Civil Rights has contracted with a consulting firm to conduct a comprehensive, year-long disparity study. The study analyzes the availability of diverse businesses​, NCDOT’s spending with diverse businesses and policies and procedures impacting how NCDOT engages in public contracting.

The study, which is required every five years by the N.C. General Assembly, focuses on the availability and use of disadvantaged, minority-owned and women-owned businesses in contracts for planning, design, preconstruction, construction, alteration or maintenance of state transportation infrastructure. 

Last conducted in 2014, the new study will include a review of NCDOT’s policies and practices related to contracting for all aspects of the state transportation infrastructure, including highways, bridges, rail, ferry, general aviation airports, public transit facilities and materials.

What to Expect

At various stages of the study, the consulting firm contacted community members and NCDOT stakeholders to gather comments on experiences doing business or seeking to do business with NCDOT.

While there are no penalties for choosing to not participate, NCDOT welcomes and encourages your honest feedback. The more transparent input received from the NCDOT vendor community, the better positioned NCDOT will be to promote equity in our operations.

At the conclusion of the study, the consulting firm will compile its findings and recommendations into a study that will establish whether there is a continued need for the NCDOT diversity program, and if so, improve the effectiveness, delivery and future direction of NCDOT’s programs, including goal-setting.

Get Involved

For questions or to learn more about the study process, methodology, study team, or ways to participate, visit


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