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Road Map to More Electric Vehicles in N.C.

Road Map to More Electric Vehicles in N.C.
​​Executive Order No. 80, “North Carolina’s Commitment to Address Climate Change and Transition to a Clean Energy Economy,” calls for the number of “zero-emission vehicles,” or ZEVs, to total 80,000 in North Carolina by 2025. A ZEV is defined as an electric-powered vehicle that never emits exhaust. (Learn more about how the N.C. Department of Transportation is addressing climate change and seeking to achieve cleaner energy.)


Below is a timeline of how NCDOT will seek to achieve the goal set forth in the executive order.

Phase 1: Initial Development

​January 2019
​Develop multidisciplinary team
​February to March 2019
​Further develop plan and need for public
​April to May 2019
​Technical analysis; review of economic costs and environmental benefits
​May to June 2019
​Draft action plan completed
​July to August 2019
​Statewide public comment on draft action plan
​September 2019
​Revised action plan based on public comment
​October 2019
​Final action plan submitted to governor

*Future dates are subject to change

Future Phases

Phase 2 will include such tasks as coordinating with local transit agencies and reviewing funding options for NCDOT to buy zero-emission vehicles. Phase 2 is expected to be completed in 2020 with some steps completed by early 2021.

​Phase 3 will include such tasks as finalizing efforts to establishing alternative fuel corridors that support zero-emission vehicles and preparing a mid-point ZEV program review.

Details on timelines for these phases will be established at a later date. NCDOT will submit annual progress reports toward the end of each year, starting in 2020.

5/31/2019 12:10 AM