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Metropolitan & Rural Planning Organization Resources

​​​​​The N.C. Department of Transportation's Traffic Safety Unit assists metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) and rural planning organizations (RPOs) by providing crash data for their jurisdictions, particularly in the area of safety performance targets. Federal law requires that NCDOT and all North Carolina MPOs set targets for five road safety performance metrics:

  • Number of fatalities
  • Rate of fatalities
  • Number of serious injuries
  • Rate of serious injuries
  • Number of non-motorized fatalities and non-motorized serious injuries

MPOs can choose to adopt the NCDOT methodology and targets or develop their own. See more about North Carolina safety performance measures from an overview presentation given in 2018.

NCDOT's recommended safety performance targets for each MPO are provided online. To find the targets for your MPO, expand the listing under “Crash Type: MPO/RPO Crash Data" and select the most recent year.

See the Safety Data Maps page for many online maps that show crashes and other information in your area.

Interested in accessing crash data for your agency's roads on your own?
​ Le​arn more about using the Traffic Engineering Accident Analysis System (TEAAS).

Other resources on safety performance targets:

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