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Crash Data

​​​​​Crash data is information on collisions between motor vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists or other road users.

The Traffic Safety Unit uses this data to identify important trends in crash patterns and to direct NCDOT to improve road safety at locations where it is most needed.

Traffic Safety also assists city and county staff, attorneys, engineering consultant firms and the public in obtaining crash data.​

Request Crash Data

You can request crash data on any road in North Carolina. Use the links below to submit your request.

Where the Data Comes From

Crash data is collected by law enforcement officers who complete a crash report form to record the location, date and type of crash as well as information on the parties involved. The data is sent to a statewide database at the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles where it is available for many purposes. ​


If you request crash statistics for a specific location, be advised that the statistics will be generated through North Carolina's Crash Database. This database provides an inventory of reported crashes on record that have occurred at the specified location.

Please note that many traffic crashes go unreported for a variety of reasons, and NCDOT simply provides a listing of all crashes on record that have occurred at the requested location.

In addition, please note that the North Carolina Attorney General's office has advised us that neither North Carolina Department of Transportation letters concerning the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) information, nor HSIP reports are discoverable or admissible at trial pursuant to 23 USC § 409.​​

7/2/2021 3:17 PM