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Project History

​Community outreach began with an open-house public meeting in June 2019 at Tucker Creek Middle School. The public received information about the conceptual project designs and was able to provide feedback, express concerns and ask​ questions related to the proposed improvements. Information presented during the meeting can be found here

Nearly 170 people attended. The following questions were discussed:

  • What will be the changes in access to U.S. 70 from my property and how will I get onto U.S. 70?
  • What is the project timeline? How long will construction take to complete? What is the timeline comparison of this project to the adjacent projects on U.S. 70​?
  • What is the purpose of this project?
  • What are the impacts to my property?
  • What will the speed limit be on the new road?
  • Will the interchanges have U.S. 70 traveling over or under the cross streets?
  • How accurate is the wetland mapping? Will that impact the construction of this project?
A summary of the comments received and NCDOT’s responses can be found here​.

7/7/2022 1:16 PM