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Commuter Pass

​Travelers who frequently use North Carolina ferries can purchase a prepaid pass that allows them an unlimited number of ferry trips.

The pass – a sticker that is affixed to the windshield of the traveler's vehicle – is good for one year from the date of purchase – that allows them an unlimited number of trips.

Purchasing a Pass

Commuter passes range from $150 to $250 and must be purchased in-person at the Swan Quarter, Ocracoke, Cedar Island or Southport terminals.

Both a valid driver license and the registration card for your vehicle are required for purchase.

​Vehicle Size​Cost
​Vehicle and/or Combination up to 20 Feet Long​$150
​Vehicle and/or Combination 20 feet to 40 Feet Long​$200
​Vehicle and/or Combination 40 feet to 65 Feet Long​$250


Some restrictions apply for commuter passes:

  • Commuter passes are non-transferrable and can only be used with the vehicle associated with the pass.

  • Pass holders may not take the same route (same departure and destination) more than one time per day.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can I purchase a commuter pass and use it with different vehicles I own?
    ​No. Your commuter pass is linked to the license plate number of the vehicle you specified on the commuter pass application. You will receive a sticker that must be placed on your vehicle.
  • Can I make commuter pass reservations and regular reservations in the same online transaction?
    ​No. Online reservations using ferry commuter passes must be made separately from other reservations.
  • My commuter pass is for a single, but I am taking my boat over with me this time? Can I upgrade to a double?
    ​Yes. You can upgrade to a double by using the online ferry reservation system or by calling 1-800-BY-FERRY.  The cost to upgrade is $15.
  • I have a commuter pass for a double, but I am leaving my boat/trailer at home for this trip. Will I get a refund, since I'm not traveling with my boat?
    ​No. The reservation will be the same as your commuter pass.
  • Since I need a sticker for my vehicle to use my commuter pass, can I still use the pass if I sell or replace my vehicle?
    ​If the stickered vehicle is wrecked, sold or replaced, you must get a new sticker. Your old sticker will be voided, and the new sticker will have the same expiration date. These passes can be used at any toll route.

7/9/2019 2:58 PM