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Vessel & Facility Security

​​The N.C. Department of Transportation's Ferry Division has operated under the guidelines of the federal Maritime Transportation Security Act since July 1, 2004. Local U.S. Coast Guard units enforce these regulations.

The Maritime Transportation Security Act is designed to protect the nation's ports and waterways from a terrorist attack. It requires vessels and port facilities to follow Coast Guard-approved security plans that include:

  • Screening passengers, vehicles and baggage
  • Security patrols
  • Maintaining access control to restricted areas
  • Personnel identification procedures
  • Surveillance
Under the guidelines, ferry passengers may be asked for photo identification. Vehicles and baggage may be subject​​​​ to random screening required by 33 CFR 105.285(a)(2). Should a passenger choose not to provide the requested ID or allow screening, the Ferry Division reserves the right to refuse passage as per 33 CFR 105.255(d)(5).

Also, unaccompanied vehicles and unattended baggage are not permitted.

The Ferry Division realizes these guidelines might be an inconvenience to some passengers, but it is necessary that they be followed closely to ensure the continued safety of passengers, personnel and property.

Please report any suspicious behavior, vehicles or packages to the nearest Ferry Division employee.

11/23/2020 3:29 PM