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Investigations Unit

​​​​The Investigations Unit conducts investigations related to fraud, waste, abuse or employee misconduct involving the N.C. Department of Transportation. The unit performs these investigations utilizing tips and complaints received through the NCDOT Fraud Hotline, referrals, external requests and online form.

Report Fraud, Waste or Abuse

The NCDOT Fraud Hotline (1-888-4-DOT-TIP or 1-888-436-8847) and the online form allows employees and the public to confidentially report any instance of fraud, waste or abuse of assets, as well as employee misconduct or policy and procedure violations which may result in the misuse NCDOT assets.​

The following statutes provide protection to any individual filing a complaint:

State Employees: State law requires that you report fraud, and the law protects you from retaliation. (G.S. §126-84;126-85)

General Public: State law keeps your identity confidential and it will NOT be released to the general public. (G.S. §143-748)​

The NCDOT Office of Inspector General Investigations Unit will follow-up on any tip submitted, and if necessary, refers them to the appropriate NCDOT division or unit for resolution.

The Investigations Unit serves as a liaison to local, state, and federal law enforcement entities for any complaints related to crimes involving NCDOT.

How to Report a TIP 

By Telephone

Contact the Fraud Hotline (1-888-4-DOT-TIP or 1-888-436-8847) if you suspect fraud, waste, or abuse. 


Submit a tip now through the web form below is the easiest way to report your tip of fraud, waste, or abuse.

Submit​ a Tip​​

By Mail

Mail your tip letter to: 

NCDOT Office of Inspector General
1507 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1507

What Information Should I Provide?

If you mail your tip, please include all relevant details the unit will need to investigate.

For example you should include:

  • Who: Provide the identity of the person, company or organization
  • What: A description of what occurred
  • Where: Which NCDOT business unit, programs or individuals were affected?
  • When: Dates these incidents happened
  • How: How did you learn about these events?
  • Supporting Information: Please provide additional information including any potential witnesses and supporting documentation.

Contact Information

Your contact information is confidential and may be necessary for investigators to follow up on tips. The investigator may be unable to substantiate tips that are incomplete or without merit if no contact information is provided for more details.

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