Do you know the requirements to fly a drone in North Carolina?

Flying safely is the responsibility of every UAS operator. Download the Study Guide and learn all the rules & regulations in North Carolina.

UAS Operator Permits

A permit is required for commercial & government drone operations in North Carolina. Passing the UAS Knowledge Test is a requirement for obtaining a permit.Start Permitting Process

About UAS Program

The Division of Aviation's main goal is to ensure that drones flying within North Carolina are flown safely and responsibly. Read more…

UAS WorkshopsFor more information, click here

The NCDOT Division of Aviation will be hosting regional UAS/Drone workshops throughout the state. The focus will be on Government and Commercial operations.

Types of UAS OperationDetailed information, guidelines and restrictions for drone pilots.

ResourcesHelpful documents and links.

About UAS Operations in North Carolina

The NCDOT Division of Aviation's goal is to make sure that unmanned aircraft systems (drone) operations in North Carolina are safe and responsible.

Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) have the potential to change the way we approach agriculture, public safety, construction and many other important industries in North Carolina. As a leader in UAS/drone implementation, the N.C. Department of Transportation aims to show how beneficial and safe this technology can be.