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Work Zone Safety


This is a work zone safety area.

​Throughout North Carolina, there are numerous work zones on interstates and other four-lane highways. In addition, N.C. Department of Transportation employees and contractors set up smaller work zones for maintenance repairs, drainage improvements, utility easements and roadside work such as mowing. 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Crashes in work zones (2021)

  • 29 fatalities 
  • 2,500 injuries 
  • 6,200 crashes 
​​Source: NCDOT Traffic Management Unit
When traveling through a work zone you should slow down, be alert and obey all signs, including any for reduced speed limits. Your life, or someone else’s, could depend on it.

Speeding and distracted driving contribute to more than half of all work zone crashes.

The NCDOT’s Work Zone Safety Program seeks to reduce the number of work zone injuries and fatalities by:

  • Promoting initiatives to raise awareness of work zone safety. Campaigns include PSA videos, social media outreach and media events.


3/28/2023 1:01 PM