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2018-2019 Strategic Priorities

​The N.C. Department of Transportation’s Office of Civil Rights creates pathways to ensure that North Carolina businesses, NCDOT customers and employees have equal access and opportunity to participate in transportation programs without facing unlawful discrimination.

​The Office of Civil Rights has set laser-focused program goals and priority objectives that address challenges while creating new opportunities for the department and its stakeholders.

​Priorities include:

  • Performance accountability and transparency
  • Increase in overall diversity spending
  • Expansion of gateways for firms to engage in professional services, construction and maintenance

​By hosting both internal and external strategic planning sessions, the Office of Civil Rights better understands the challenges of stakeholders and has identified potential solutions through a complete program analysis.

​The evaluation resulted in the office’s 2018-2019 Strategic Priorities along with thematic goals that will help support the priority objectives listed above. The themes include:

  • Community outreach and engagement
  • Training and technical assistance
  • Technology
  • Business operation and efficiency ​

6/9/2020 4:12 PM