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Permit Terms & Conditions

Unmanned aircraft system/drone operators must follow legal requirements to ensure safe and responsible flight. Permitted operators agree to the following terms and conditions for commercial and government​ users:

    • Permit is valid for commercial unmanned aircraft system flight operations in North Carolina.
    • This permit shall not be represented as a valid airman's certificate, pilot's license or the like and is not a valid substitute for those credentials.
    • This permit shall be in the possession of the Permitted Operator during all commercial UAS operations conducted in North Carolina. Operator must be able to produce this permit upon demand when conducting UAS operations.
    • Permitted Operator must operate under the Small UAS Rule, Part 107, or obtain from the Federal Aviation Administration a valid Airspace Authorization for operations covering the type of UAS being operated, the type of operation being conducted and the geographic area, airspace and altitudes at which the UAS is being operated.
    • This permit shall not be used as proof of valid Airspace Authorization from the FAA. Proof of valid FAA-issued Airspace Authorization must be in the possession of Permitted Operator during all UAS operations. This would include a remote pilot airman certificate with small UAS rating if operating under Part 107, a copy of the 333 exemption or appropriate FAA Authorization documentation.
    • All documentation and credentials required by the FAA and the state for UAS operations must be in the possession of the operator during UAS operations to include: driver license, North Carolina UAS Operator Permit, FAA-issued Airspace Authorization documents and/or Airman's Certificate for the pilot in command, if operating under Part 107 or required by the operator's FAA-issued Airspace Authorization.
    • By accepting this permit and operating a UAS for purposes in North Carolina, operator agrees to abide by all federal, state and local laws, regulations and ordinances governing UAS operations in the operational area.
    • By accepting and using this permit, operator agrees to operate according to all requirements, restrictions and guidelines outlined in the operator's FAA-issued Airspace Authorization for UAS Operations.
    • The Permitted Operator assumes all risks and liability associated with the operation of a UAS and the use of the products associated with or derived from each UAS operation.
    • Through the issuance of this permit, the N.C. Department of Transportation makes no representation as to the skill of the operator as it relates to operation of a particular UAS type or the skill of the operator in conducting a particular type of mission.
    • NCDOT shall not be held liable for any conduct of Permitted Operator or resulting effects of the UAS operation before, during or after UAS operations. Furthermore, Permitted Operator agrees to indemnify and hold harmless NCDOT for any action or result of a UAS operation conducted under this permit.

11/23/2021 12:00 PM